Monday, September 21, 2009


Moving to Beacon NY along the Hudson has given me a fresh new look on the world of fashion as I have wanted to break from the fashion epicenter in midtown Manhattan for quite some time now.  Finally have embraced the new surroundings and have landed in room #202 [attendance office of the old Beacon High School] where I have created my own secluded safe-haven where my designs are inspired and evolving.

After having been denied entry into Scotland on September 1, 2008, I had to re-evaluate my 4 month plan living in Galashiels.  Brooklyn apartment was sublet, all travel plans to other countries leaving from Scotland had to be re-directed out of NYC, and temporarily set up a studio in the living room of my parents home.

Needless to say, challenging.  Instead of focusing on freelance knitwear positions, I concluded that was the best time to start my own collection, and through my trips to Hong Kong, Belgium, Netherlands, and Denmark, I focused all towards research and development of N:F:P.

New Forms and Perspectives is a line of fully fashioned knitwear that focuses on my desire to created "modular" designs that are able to morph and twist into various shapes and styles to accommodate the wearers comfort for that moment in time.

Inspirations are constantly surrounding me, and here I hope to share the path of my design process, and the everyday processes of an emerging fashion designer set slightly off-center from the "fashion epicenter".